The educational profile

The LOOL sets the following requirements for the Educational Profile for the Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy in the Netherlands:

  1. The educational profile must be clear and useful and provide sufficient guidance for students.
  2. It must be clear and useful for all degree levels, i.e. provide sufficient tools and scope for designing curricula and exams per degree course level.
  3. It must be clear and useable for the professional field.
  4. It must be based on CAnMeDS and widely applicable in national and international academic and professional contexts.
  5. It must describe the roles of speech therapists in relation to the core activities.
  6. It must provide a clear and topical view of the professional field at the bachelor’s level.

In order to achieve these goals, the educational profile describes each role and their associated core activities. The core activities are divided into three levels: novice (after the first year), advanced beginner (ready for work placement in the third year) and proficient (recently graduated). The levels were based on the model developed by Dreyfus (2004). The description of ‘proficient’ complies with the European standard for the bachelor’s level: level 6 of the European Qualification Framework (Bologna Working Group on Qualifications Frameworks, 2005), which is also used by the Dutch National Qualifications Framework (NLQF).

The 7 roles of the speech and language therapist